Primer On Commercial Real Estate Loan Workouts And Right-Sizing, Part I

Today’s commercial real estate market is in distress and has been, across a variety of asset classes, for several years. The reasons are well-known. Less well known is possibly the surest solution in this down cycle. This is a method to right-size commercial real estate loans where the value of the underlying real estate is so much lower than it was only a few years ago.

Today’s commercial real estate market is in distress and […]

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A Clear View – How ‘Skylines’ Show The Domino Effects Of Delay

All projects should have a clearly defined scope of work, budget, and scheduled completion date. However, should any changes be introduced to the project, their timing (and scale) will determine the potential impact on these and various other variables, and on the project overall.

The effects of early changes may be easier to mitigate than later ones. Generally, the later a change occurs, the greater its potential cost and schedule impact – and risk of […]

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The Build America, Buy America Act (BABA): Applicability And Implications

As part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress on November 15, 2021, BABA established a domestic content preference for federal financial assistance obligated for infrastructure projects. The domestic content preference applies to three separate product categories: (i) iron or steel products, (ii) manufactured products, and (iii) construction materials.1
Who Does BABA Apply to?
BABA applies to non-federal entities (e.g., state governments, local governments, Indian tribes, institutes of higher education) and all recipients […]

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